Thursday, October 27, 2011

Charter Buses

Charter buses are great for any kind of group travel!
Recently I realized that some of my favorite childhood memories came from vacations and trips. Some of these were obviously family vacations, while others involved various sports teams and clubs that I was involved in. I played soccer and softball through high school and was also involved in a few extracurricular clubs that occasionally traveled. One striking memory that I have is from a trip I took with my club soccer team in eighth grade. We headed up to Michigan to play a competitive indoor tournament. We had played many tournaments before but this trip had one distinct difference, we booked a charter bus. It was my first time traveling in a coach bus and being with all my friends made it that much more special. In the past, we had all typically driven separately with our parents and possibly siblings. This wasn’t necessarily a terrible way to travel, but there was a disconnect with the rest of my teammates. Some of the trips were long and everyone was arriving at different times and possibly on different days. It made it very hard to coordinate meals and practices, all of which can help build team camaraderie. All of this was made much easier by using charter buses to travel as a team.

The reason why I am brining this topic up is because I recently was trying to think of some trip to plan with friends and family that breaks away from the norm, and keep everyone together. Charter buses can be utilized form much more than just sports teams. Coach transportation is booked every day for church travel, executive travel, city tours, and everything in-between. I was tossing around ideas of how to get everyone together for a sort of outing and my childhood memory came back and pointed me in this direction. Currently my thoughts are leaning toward chartering a bus to travel downstate to see a Big 10 college football game! I feel like this can help get my friends and family together to enjoy a sporting event together and create a lasting memory. The most difficult part in trying to plan a trip like this would normally be the transportation, but this is made easy by getting everyone together in one place. The cost is supplemented by not having to book any hotel rooms. Being able to leave and come back in the same day also makes the trip easier for anyone that might have ties at home that would prevent them from making a weekend trip. I just want to see if I can recreate such a wonderful experience.

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