Thursday, November 17, 2011

Charter Bus To The Big Game!

Have you ever thought of an alternative means of travel for a group trip? Coordinating a large group of people is never easy and adding travel to the mix only makes it harder. Let’s say that it’s a local trip for instance; all of your friends want to go to the big sporting event in the city. How is everyone going to get to the game? How will everyone get home? Is there a designated driver and if so, how many DD’s will you need? All these are typical questions among many others that need to be answered by the coordinator of the outing. Typically most people would probably just whittle down the group until there are enough volunteer drivers to accommodate, but there is another solution, a bus charter! This option is often overlooked or forgot about. The fact is it may be the easiest and most fun means of transportation. Chartering a bus is a great solution that gets your whole group of friends together in one place safely. Just set a date and time for both a pick-up and a return trip and let everyone know. I have even entertained the idea of utilizing the bus for tailgating (depending on price of course). Last year we decided to use a charter to go to a football game in Chicago. Most of the attendees were local from the suburbs but some were from out of state. It made for a great time with some old friends. The charter bus really turned the game into more of an event then a typical Sunday. It really helped get the interest of my out-of-state friends and was probably the sole reason they decided to make the trip and visit.

After that experience, I started thinking on a bigger level. If it was that much fun to travel on a charter bus for an hour or so to a game, imagine an entire trip. This got me thinking and researching. I also do a snowboarding trip every winter, but some people get left behind due to space. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have enough room to accommodate everyone? My thoughts exactly! I decided to look into chartering a bus for a trip up north to Wisconsin. I brought the idea up to a group of my friends and everyone seemed on board. I thought this might take a little more planning then just going on a day trip to a Bears game, but it was surprisingly easy; granted I haven’t booked it yet. The plan is to take the charter to a ski mountain for a weekend. This way everyone can travel together and there is plenty of room for all our gear. Depending on home many people we get, the charter bus could actually be relatively economical as well! I still have to look into lodging but I am really hoping this trip happens! The first bus charter trip went so well, I can only imagine this one being just as much fun!

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