Thursday, March 1, 2012

Illinois Auto Insurance and the Chicago Auto Show

The Chicago auto show has come and gone along with all of its redesigned classics and cool new concepts. It’s fair to say that the first impression is everything when it comes to new autos and that was just the case. After the show sales in the industry begin to spike and more new cars are on the road. What needs to happen next is all of those cars will need to be insured. Illinois auto insurance is often times over looked and the cost associated with it are not factored into the purchase of a new car. Luckily there are some great solutions for providing high quality insurance policies at affordable prices.
When purchasing a new car, which seems to be a general theme after visiting the auto show, my suggestion would be to get a full coverage Illinois insurance policy. This type of policy in necessary to fully cover your car from damages sustained during an accident that may be deemed your fault. Some policies even build in new car protection where they will cover the full value of the new car for the first year. This is important for people that tend to drive new cars. As most know, when you drive a new car off the lot it instantly becomes a “used” car in a sense and loses value. This new car protection clause will reimburse you for the full amount of the vehicle.
Another add on that might be useful is incidental damage protection. This addition will protect your car from damages occurred separately from any accidents. Things like rims, stereo systems, deep scratches and dents caused by others are all covered with this add on. Many Illinois auto insurance providers offer this type of coverage and if you feel you are at risk, I would suggest researching it further.
The Chicago auto show brought us many great new models and along with that came the desire to want to be the first on the block with the new model. Make sure you protect your investment with the right Illinois car insurance

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